Sound of Harmony is a class that trains students vocally to bring musical songs to life by telling stories through every lyric. Just like in 2023, we strive to bring our students to become the star they want to become. We will be training our students and preparing them for their final grand concert. 


What’s new in Sound of Harmony 2024? 

In 2024, we will bring Show Business 101 as a workshop for the Sound of Harmony students. Show Business 101 is an event to help students prepare for their stages and be in the spotlight. It will enhance the students’ public speaking and their confidence for each show.


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Since 2022, ARENDI has started our own quarterly musical theater studies. Concentrated Musical Theater Program is a non-full time introductory program providing concentrated study in vocal performance, acting and dancing for students interested in pursuing further higher education or careers in performing arts.


What’s new in CMTP Batch 3

In 2024, we have additional class activities that include field-based learning methods to give students a direct knowledge in musical theater and self improvement skills training to reach a more professional level in performance.


In addition to that, we have added two new versions of CMTP: Regular classes and Triple Threat class. 


Regular class will allow students to pick one out of three classes of Musical Theater: Singing, dancing, or acting. This way, students can focus on the field they want to improve on the most. 


In Triple Threat class, students will be learning all three: Singing, dancing, and acting, as part of the learning program. Students are advised to have the basics of all three skills in order to participate. 


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This year, ARENDI is attending Asia vocal competitions. Similar to last year, we will bring students to places where their skills may reach in order to achieve the great stages in the industry. 

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October 21, 2022


October 21, 2022

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