About Us

Arendi engages students with the creative and performing arts industry through a series of concentrated training programs, musical theater performances, interactive workshops, specialized events and masterclasses both local and international.


Developed the young talent aspiring, introduced the world of art and the creative industry from early on, and brought the spirit of the international performing arts industry.


Dedicated to the mission of providing the highest level of performing arts experience and community engagement activities that reach a wide and diverse audience across the nationwide as the best performing arts education and training in Indonesia.

Meet Our Team

Rosana T.W.


Manassah Praise Lingkan Priscila Laoh

Program Officer

Dessi Marianti

Head of Marketing

Pasha Prakasa

Associate Program Director

Meet Our Teacher

Putu Sastrani Titaranti

Vanessa Tunggal

Yasashi Evelyn

Jeremiah Purwoto

Aldafi Adnan

Ajeng Sharfina


Andrea Miranda

Putri Indam Kamila

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