Our Programs

All of the programs below are part of Arendi’s program called “Concentrated Musical Theater Program” that mainly consists of performing arts through acting, singing, and dancing and an unforgettable experience through immersive training in stage performance. The students will learn by technical learning, observations, discussions, and performance of various musical theater materials.


To help develop a strong musical foundation, our program offers an intensive performance-based core curriculum that includes individual vocal exploration and performance. Our approach to vocal performance stresses a genuine connection between music and lyrics, allowing students to experiment with a variety of genres such as classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, pop, and more. Throughout the course of their studies, students will have access to a variety of production and performance opportunities. 


Our acting program offers a wide range of performance-based immersion in craft and skill combined with well-rounded and compelling programs. Throughout the course of the program, there will be opportunities for onstage production and performance experience. Classes are focused on career preparation, networking, and audition tactics to help students prepare for an exciting move into the professional performing arts sector, with an eye toward the current competitive needs of the industry.


Dance and movement artists of all genres and backgrounds are welcome to apply to our program. This cutting-edge program incorporates physical theater techniques, as well as theatrical and commercial dance forms that will prepare our dancing students for a variety of careers in the performing arts sector. This program provides a complete immersion in contemporary dance techniques. Hip-hop, jazz, funk, contemporary, tap, and world dance genres are among the dance types explored. 


The result of the CMTP program will be a showcase and usually it turns out to be a music concert. This showcase was part of Arendi’s student proof to show their progress of learning musical theater programs that has been taught and explored by their teachers.

International Masterclass

Get immersed in intensive musical theater study with the best in the field of performing arts. With sought-after instructors, performers, directors, and scriptwriters, students focus on style, technique, and performance quality. Each session has its own theme, and students have the opportunity to work and interact one-on-one with top worldwide professionals in their fields.

Sound of Harmony

Fun vocal mastering classes and trainings in bringing life to the musical songs. The learning method of representing oneself as a proper stage performer including staging and audience engagement training.
We equip our students in the musical vocal field, by providing musical singing classes with professionally experienced musical performers. Through this program we also prepare our students as rising stars in the industry, giving them a real superstar experience.

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